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As soon as they’re put in the fridge, fruits and vegetables get busy making themselves unattractive. By producing self-destructive ethylene gas, they actually soften and rot themselves. But Toshiba’s Hybrid Plasma Deodoriser nips that in the bud by clearing the air of bacteria, ethylene and odour molecules. Your food – and your fridge – stay far fresher, far longer.

An ultra-violet (UV) LED ray in the chiller compartment which kills bacteria on meats and fish – helping it last longer and stay fresher. UV-LED removes 95% of bacteria, according to the Japan Food Analysis Center.

Yet another freshness advance – the Ag+ Clean Crisper incorporates silver (Ag) to inhibit bacteria growth, keeping fruit and vegetables fresher.

Toughened glass offers the dual benefits of an easy-to-clean surface and greater visibility of fridge contents.

While others make do with hot lights in a cold place, Toshiba’s LED Illumination emits no heat and helps maintain a more stable temperature control. Electricity consumption is reduced by 99%.

Grab handles and wheels on all models make it easy to move your Toshiba fridge into position or when cleaning behind or under.

All Toshiba fridges offer a minimum 4 star energy efficiency, having been rated under Minimum Energy Performance Standards – as listed on the Australian Government website

A unique spring compressor system keeps engine noise low and vibration to a minimum.

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